When we think of vitamin C we think right away of preventing or fighting a cold. Certainly, most of us know that it helps with strengthening our immune system, but not as many know that vitamin C is a beauty essential.

We have all tried expensive skincare products to prevent signs of aging when one of the most powerful and inexpensive ways to maintain a glowing skin is by consuming lots of vitamin C. So make sure to consume plenty of it to take advantage of all these benefits:

Prevents wrinkles

Since its a great antioxidant it fights free radicals preventing skin dryness and the formation of wrinkles. Our bodies also use it to create collagen which helps give skin its firmness and youthful look. 

Helps to keep your hair strong and shiny

Having enough Vitamin C can help prevent split ends and dry hair by strengthening the hair follicle and stimulating hair growth. Hydration is not only important for our skin but also our hair.

It helps with skin related issues

The body uses Vitamin C to replace damaged tissue like acne-related blemishes.  If you are dealing with acne or skin redness, try increasing your intake of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is great for everything beauty! However, because our bodies can’t store it a long term we need to consume it daily.  Superfoods such as acerola cherry and a few other exotic berries are some of the world's most potent sources of vitamin C!

We tagged here our favorite Vitamin C supplement.


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