Beauty Boost, Anytime, Anywhere

Sticking to any beauty routine involves planning, organization and time, especially when you enter the realm of edible beauty. Life is super busy, days fly by and before you know it, the Sunday scary's are kicking in. We totally feel your pain but to make you feel better, it is truly the reality for many of us.

But, we have great news! You no longer have to give up that valuable time prepping and now have options for a convenient, effective mid day beauty boost!

Check out our favourite products that will give you freedom from prepping and a Beauty Boost, Anytime, Anywhere.


An instantly soothing, organic turmeric tonic in a six-pack of go-anywhere, compostable sachets.

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Digestive-aid

  • Antioxidant

  • Detoxifier


Let the sunlight in with our Strawberry Lemon Collagen Water™, a delicious twist on wellness. Each serving contains 10g of collagen and 3g of sugar from the juice of real fruit. All you need to do is open and sip.

  • 10g of collagen: Digested and absorbed by the body quickly for maximum benefits.
  • Juice of Real Fruit: 3g of sugar from the juice of real fruit. No artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or additives. Gluten free & dairy free.
  • Ready to Drink. We’re officially grab-and-go to make your life just a little bit easier. All of the benefits, on-the-go.


Can't decide which marine collagen bar flavor you should get? Try all 3!

  • Lemon Love Marine Collagen Bar  - Zesty, savory and sweet!
  • Sweetie Pie Marine Collagen Bar  - A delicious mix of sweet potato, coconut, vanilla and spices.
  • Cocoa Kiss Marine Collagen Bar  - A rich, dark chocolate brownie with crunchy cacao-nibs.

Why you will love Kalumi collagen bars:

  • Each bar contains a full 12 gram serving of Marine Collagen
  • Marine Collagen can help to hydrate the skin from within and has anti-aging properties
  • Marine Collagen can help improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Marine Collagen is a highly bioavailable (fast absorbing) source of protein


WithinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is an all-natural, premium select grade collagen peptide. Free from artificial colours, flavours, additives, preservatives, and stabilizers, it is simply the highest grade of marine collagen available.

20 sticks packs ( 5g each).

  • 20 x 5 grams (full serving) on-the-go stick packs
  • Ultra-Pure
  • Premium-Select Grade
  • Sourced from wild-caught, sustainably sourced fish scales from the South Pacific
  • Superior bioavailability to ensure maximum absorption
  • 95% Protein
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints
  • Non-GMO Project Verified, Health Canada approved
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours, additives, preservatives, and stabilizers


Jade Rollers have been used in China for centuries to refine and enhance skin elasticity. By stimulating meridians points, the Roller helps promotes facial Chi for increased radiance and vitality.

  • Reduces
    • Dark circles
    • Puffy Eyes
    • Mouth Lines
  • Enhances skin elasticity, tightening and toning facial muscles
  • Helps refine pores
  • Relieves facial tension and discourages fine lines and wrinkles
  • Aids in elimination of toxins, reducing stress and inflammation

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