Julia's Summer Picks

There is nothing sweeter than the month of June in Toronto. The green has made its way back into the city and the days feel as though they could last forever. The summer is a time for action. Put your energy to use and let it manifest into something productive. While this energy will do well by the soul, I take it one step higher and direct that energy within. Here are of few of my favourite products that will nourish your body from the inside out. 

Anima Mundi Happiness & Stress Relief Tonic

For my down days, this wildcrafted tonic will help stabilize hormone function, serotonin and dopamine, as well as providing a soothing effect on the nervous system. The formula is a mix of adaptogens, such as rhodiola and ashwagandha, with powerfully supporting happy herbs* like st.johns wort, mucuna and albizzia. These herbs together create a synergistic powerhouse for relieving stress, anxiety and depression. 

GoodGoddess Fantastic Fat MCT Oil

Cannot get enough. This magical saturated fatty acid formula improves my mental clarity and energy, while provide some help with managing weight. MCT Oil can really get the bowels moving and also does wonders for that unexplained hunger craving mid afternoon. This product is one of my daily staples, adding it to my morning smoothie or coffee.

Within Us True Marine Collagen on-the-go Stick Pack 

Not a day goes by where I don't take my daily dose of collagen. It has been detrimental for improving the foundation of my wellness and my skin. This format allows me the flexibility to take my dose to go! TruMarine is premium-select grade, sourced from wild-caught, sustainably sourced fish scales from the South Pacific. This type of collagen has superior bioavailability to ensure maximum absorption. 95% Protein, Marine Collagen promotes healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints.

Kalumi Collagen Protein Bars 

These exotic bars are my go to snack or even some mornings, beauty for breakfast! All of the flavours are comforting and full of flavour. With less time available for meal prepping, this is the perfect snack for me with the added fuel for nourishment from within. Antioxidant rich, anti-aging, combats cellulite, need I say more. Comes in a variety pack for those of you that want to explore.

Health Force Intestinal Movement Formula

Awareness of what goes and mindfulness of what comes out! This is definitely a pantry must have! It's an effective, gentle, balanced, non habit-forming herbal laxative. A sluggish bowel breeds toxicity and regular bowel movements and a clean colon are the foundation for better health. This formulation was designed to produce maximum colon cleansing and proper movement with little or no discomfort. The supportive herbal components support digestion, the immune system, blood sugar balance, and reduction of harmful microbes.

Anima Mundi Collagen Booster 

I use this as my natural collagen booster.An extraordinary mix of herbs that naturally boost collagen in the skin and body. It is composed of adaptogens, ancient herbs and flowers known to support and beautify, repair, and restore. This blend is an excellent plant based solution to strengthen bones, nails, hair, tissue and skin. It's easy to use and bioavailable.

Stamba Daily Superfood Capsules

I take these vegan capsules for simple daily nourishment. It is a blend of organic whole foods to support balanced energy levels, immunity, digestion, metabolism and overall well-being. These tiny capsules pack a big punch!

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