The Women Behind Feed Beauty

In 2015, myself (Julia Clauser) and Jessica Dumont Nadeau left our corporate jobs to start a boutique firm that engaged with small natural & organic foods brands. Sharing a love for cultivated beauty secrets and an even deeper affection for natural food products, we became captivated by ingestible beauty.


We first became experts. Neither of us were nutritionists by trade but were captivated by holistic principles that eventually became the foundation of our store. New brands that shared our interests were popping up in small pockets and it was like we were kids at Christmas when we received our new loot.
We began focusing on self-taught wellness and incorporating beauty supporting foods from around the world into our diet to elevate our daily routines. I struggled with a hormone imbalance and environmental skin stressors and Jessica, eczema and chronic dry lips. No matter what we put on topically, our problems weren’t just skin deep We realized there was no single place on or offline that we could buy the latest high vibe natural products with a functional beauty element. We wanted to create a home and unite a community around an alternative beauty movement that believes beauty starts within. Feed Beauty was born from a dream to share our passion for beauty and obsession with naturals foods with the world.

At Feed Beauty, our mission is to guide the notion of beauty from superficial to one that is directly linked to wellness, nourishing beauty from within. We want people to know that they can create physical change and enhance their beauty by adding specific food products to their daily routine, that also taste great!
Our philosophy is that beauty and wellness are interwoven, and we exist to share knowledge, practices and various products that are highly nutritious and will get you glowing We are super excited and want to be a part of your daily beauty rituals and make them stronger, changing your body from the inside out.


- Julia & Jessica

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