What happened when I took Marine Collagen for 45 Days

Not only did I want to personally experience what all the BUZZ was about but my skin was at an all-time low and my joints were always aching. I decided to start a 45 day Marine Collagen challenge to put the Beauty Superfood to the test.


I can see and even feel changes in my body from taking just 5mg a day of WithinUs TruMarine Collagen Powder.


1.GLOWING & SUPER HYDRATED. I had friends that ask what I have been doing differently and most could not believe it was collagen. My skin was smooth, hydrated and had increased suppleness. My skin tone became more even and my fine lines were reduced. For the last two years I have been suffering from dermatitis, eczema. It was all over my stomach and my joints. I had tried everything (except cortisone) and nothing natural had worked. For those of you that suffer from eczema, we all know there is not a cure but it can go away. I do not want to jinx it but since taking the collagen its has gone down to virtually nothing. My skin is hydrated and plumped - and it feels so good.

2. BYE-BYE ACHES. My knees stopped aching. I have been doing F45 for a few months and am getting stronger which helped, but I know that the collagen was working wonders deep inside my joints.

3. STRONG NAILS. After overdoing shellac (back to back), my nails were destroyed. Peeling, bendy and cracking, it was awful. Towards the end of February when I was seriously vitamin SUN Deficient, my nails were the strongest they have ever been. They have since continued to grow quickly and the tips are really white! 

4. SHINY HAIR. oh so shiny and strong!! And it definitely grew way faster.

I will NOT stop taking Marine Collagen. I feel so much better than I used too, from both a wellness and beauty perspective. I hope this helps on your journey to discover if marine collagen is right for you!


Here are some cute (and not so cute) pictures of my progress <3



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