Vegan Toothpolish



Wildcrafted - Raw - Vegan Toothpolish

This toothpolish is a raw living plant paste filled with enzymes, minerals and probiotics in the raw and natural state. This nutritional polish is made to help your body detoxify and alkalize, while boosting your oral ecology. Our polish is naturally anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and actually nutritional to the gums. 

 59 ml / 2 oz



It can be used as regular toothpaste, or as an adjunct treatment to you toothbrushing ritual. You can also apply a small dab on your tongue and swish intensively with water for a few minutes. It can also be applied directly to canker sores. Many of our clients prefer to use this as a replacement for their toothpaste.



Bentonite clay^, White clay^, Virgin Coconut oil*, Baking soda, Clove extract, Extra Virgin Olive Oil* Myrrh gum resin^, Neem essential oil*, Peppermint essential oil*.

 59 ml / 2 oz

*Organic  /  ^Wildcrafted

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