Cloud Powder Creamer



Cloud Powder is a must have for anyone who loves adaptogenic tonics and healthy glowing skin. A deeply indulgent dairy-free creamer that pairs perfectly with all of our adaptogenic blends, creating an instant sugar-free herbal latte to fit every mood. 

Loaded with "tocos" (rice bran solubles) and organic coconuts, our first-ever creamer is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that strengthen, tone and nourish tissue from the inside out. 

Skin food // Strength // Mood enhancer

  • Tocotrienols are fluffy rice bran solubles with a creamy vanilla ice cream taste. Rich in Vitamins E, D, and biotin, important antioxidants for fighting free radicals, tocotrienols support healthy skin, tissue and muscles. This 100% plant-based source of bioavailable fat soluble vitamins may increase energy, promote healthy blood flow, and help remove toxins from the body. 
  • Coconut milk powder is made from freshly squeezed organic coconut meat and is the perfect compliment to tocotrienols which are absorbed best in the body when accompanied by a healthy fat.
  • Coconut water powder is made by drying fresh young coconuts. It is rich in magnesium, calcium, and vitamin  C. It balances electrolyte levels and hydrates the body.

30 servings per jar

130 grams



Add 1 tablespoon Cloud Powder to coffee, tea, lattes, smoothies and/or directly into your mouth.



Non-GMO tocotrienols [rice bran solubles] (United States), organic coconut milk powder (Vietnam), organic coconut water powder (Indonesia).


*Vegan, paleo, gluten-free, organic, no added sweeteners, no preservatives

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