Organic Eye Makeup Remover



Nourishing almond-oil cleanser to remove makeup.

Kiss your morning raccoon eyes goodbye with this potent Mascara and Make-Up Remover from Dr. Alkaitis. Don't let its simplicity fool you; this potent and effective workhorse is not to be missed. Oil is the perfect make-up remover because like dissolves like. The Almond Oil in this Organic Mascara and Make-Up Remover gently dissolves even the toughest eye makeup with a few quick swipes. Looking this good has never been so easy.




We recommend using organic cotton eye pads for application. Take two pads and dampen with warm water. Squeeze water out. Squirt oil on a pad and gently wipe across closed eyes. Re-apply as needed. Use daily.



Virgin Cold-Pressed Certified Organic Edible Almond Oil. 60ml/2oz


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