Blue Majik Coconut Butter



Welcome to the blues. We've upleveled our Coconut Butter with the bright blue force of Blue Majik. Reach for the skies and harness the nutrient rich powers of this magical superfood and the healthy fats from Mother Nature's miraculous coconut. Crack open a jar and spread the love. Made using an ancient method known as stone-grinding, The Blue Majik Coconut Butter is completely raw and never heated. This old world approach of grinding preserves both the coconut’s nutrients and flavor, while resulting in a smooth texture like no other.

Containing only 100% certified Organic Coconut and Blue Majik, this butter is packed full of skin healing properties. Color therapy begins here.




We love to use this on toast, in smoothies or added to our favorite tonic drinks Or simply take by the spoonful. Release your inner unicorn.



100% Stone Ground Raw Coconut*, Blue Majik™* *Organic. 227g

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