Adaptogen Chocolate Truffles - Cocoa Butter Coffee



Vegan. Keto. 1000mg adaptogens. Real chocolate. 

Traditionally, medicinal mushrooms are known to help keep your immune system in balance when it's under stress - but they are also prized for their innate ability to support cognitive function. Our chocolate truffles contain an expertly crafted blend of four functional adaptogenic fungi and herbs, resulting in a recipe specifically designed to promote mental performance.

Our truffles also heavily feature cocoa butter, cashews, cacao and coffee. Cacao butter and cashews are rich in saturated fat, which is a longer burning and more efficient fuel source for the body. They also help give Brainbow its creamy texture. There’s a natural synergy that happens between these healthy fats and our blend of adaptogenic herbs - and leveraging cacao and coffee as the tasty modes of transportation promote better absorption to the body.

Our ode to an iconic duo: chocolate and coffee. Pairs perfectly with blank canvases, knocking things off your to-do list, or typing at a breakneck pace.

Cocoa butter and cashews bring the creamy texture, cacao, coffee and vanilla bring the lush flavor and adaptogens make it all. flow.

Our products are fully plant-based and vegan. May contain traces of gluten

 2 truffles per pack. 0.26g



Enjoy as needed!



A legendary mushroom revered as a tonic for endurance, libido and increasing respiratory power.
Helps support: 

+ Energy
+ Stamina


Known as the king of medicinal mushrooms - an immune system tonic that is super dense in antioxidants. Helps support:
+ Lower inflammation
+ Lower blood sugar and LDL levels


This gentle super-mushroom is a natural nootropic known to look after the overall health of our brain.
Helps support:
+ Memory
+ Concentration


A super-plant popular for its antioxidant-containing properties and ability to promote blood flow.
Helps support:
+ Mental alertness
+ Focus

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