Anti-Aging Bian Stone Roller



Bian stones were formed about 65 million years ago when a meteorite collided with Earth in Shandong, China. Known as “needle stone”, it is considered as a precursor to acupuncture, utilizing heated pointed stones (instead of acupuncture needles) in the treatment of back and neck pain.

The Bian stone contains up to 40 trace minerals beneficial to the human body and has thermal conductivity and heat-storing capabilities. Studies have shown the properties of Bian Stone can help stimulate circulation of the blood, relax muscles and joints, and aid in anti-oxidation in human cells.

Use the Chi Bian Roller daily for a multitude of benefits.


  • Enhances skin elasticity, tightening and toning facial muscles
  • Helps refine pores
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles around eyes
  • Helps relieve facial tension and discourage fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves circulation and oxygen flow
  • Aids in lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins
  • Reduces stress and inflammation
  • Improves sinus conditions and congestion
  • Stimulates the flow of Chi for a fresh, youthful glow

We suggest heating the Bian roller by soaking in hot water before use. Heat helps to release the trace minerals in the stone. After the warming massage, in accordance to the principles of yin and yang, one can follow the process by rolling with a cold Bian or Jade Roller that has been refrigerated or immersed in ice water. This warm and cold effect helps balance



Please read the included instruction leaflet for more details. Also use the Bian Chi Roller on the body to tone skin as well as a massage tool for sore muscles.

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