Dry Body Brush








GingerChi is proud to announce that their Sisal brushes are now with luxurious cotton handles for better grip.

The addition of quality Sisal and Jute brushes in their Meridian Dry Brush System Collection are handmade from family owned business in Sri Lanka. The bristles made from sisal and jute is harvested from sustainable plantations from around the region where fibers are carefully selected and processed.

The Meridian Body Dry Brush System incorporates the health benefits of dry brushing with the importance of maintaining the flow of Chi. The skin is an eliminative organ and a buildup of dead cells on the surface decreases its ability to effectively remove toxins. Dry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells but also stimulates lymph circulation, which is crucial to a healthy immune system. Dry skin brushing also assists with the break up of cellulite by helping to remove toxins built up in the tissues. The Meridian Body Dry Brush System is all about helping to move any stagnation in the lymphatic fluid with the added benefit of stimulating meridians to revitalize Chi.



Follow instructions included with brush for smoother, more toned skin and overall health and well being. Long term stuck or blocked Chi causes stress on the body is often the root cause of disease.  

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